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New Orleans, LA

About Us

Who are we? 

We are three New Orleanian brothers Pat, Matt, and Dave, and in true New Orleans fashion you might even see our Mama helping to run the store.

We were born and raised in an area known as the City Park triangle, across from one of the biggest urban parks in the United States!

Our love for craft beer started when Dave’s best friend Joshua Ireland was getting ready to leave for an expat assignment in Germany. Dave and Josh embarked on a summer of exploring all the wonderful beers Germany had to offer from the delicious Hefeweizen to the crisp Kölsch. Not being content to just be confined to Germany, they both started exploring the budding craft beer scene of the early 2000’s.

After months of teasing Dave about "fancy beer", Pat was finally tempted to try a great Belgian witbier. After just one delicious pint, Pat was hooked on great beer as well.

By the time Matt was ready to dip his toe into world of craft beer he had two very passionate people ready to help him explore.
We have a love for great beer. We want to share our passion for great beer with our fellow New Orleanians as well as our out of town guests. We are unique people, and we want to bring an amazingly beer experience to the city we love!

Cheers, and beer love,

Dave, Pat, & Matt

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